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Be sure to check out our sale horses for the RQHBA sale in August!

In our desire to continually improve upon our horses, we searched for bloodlines which would compliment our existing traits. We have have continued with bloodlines from Docs Oak Sugar, Sun Frost, Doc Tari, Jacki Be, Skipper W, and Three Bars in our stallions. See our newest stallion "Watchzan" a beautiful 2005 Palomino stud.

Our mares contain the bloodlines of Sun Frost, Colonel Freckles, Bear N Trouble, Sir Beat, Doc Tari, Jules Leo Bars and Frenchmans Guy. Many of these mares also go back to our original stallion, Flying Rocket Cat, who had thoroughbred lineage. Our horses have proven themselves in the rodeo arena, show arena, and in the pastures. They are the true all-around horses that you are proud to be seen on. We are very proud of our mares!

Because we use the horses we raise, we have striven to raise the type of horse that we enjoy. We focus on horses that have deep girths, strong legs, short backs, and muscling to do a hard day's work. We want horses that have the type of mind that desire to please and are quick learners. They are excited about learning and are cool headed while they do it. Our horses are a force to be reckoned with in any venue.

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