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Brood Mares

  Name Yr Sire Dam
WS Shadow Dancer 2000 WS Dancin Sabre Cat A Cricketgoldrush
WS Cori Kittywood 2000 Paps Driftwood Cody WS Lady Gray Sabkit
WS Dee DS Orphan 2001 PC Ikewood Oaks Nikkis Fancy Kitten
  WS Cassismokindak 2001 PC Ikewood Oaks Gidget Leokitty
WS Goldee Oak 2001 PC Ikewood Oaks WS Poco Kitty
WS Glory Beea Oak 2002 PC Ikewood Oaks Beea Fancy Kitty
AJ Tedibear Lynx 2002 WS Sabre Driftwood LJ Lucky Skip
WS Mistysugaroak 2002 PC Ikewood Oaks Sunrise Invester
WS Codys Sabre Girl 2003 WS Sabre Driftwood Codys Fair Lady
WS Maggiespocoak 2003 PC Ikewood Oaks WS Poco Kitty
WS Rushi Drift 2004 PC Ikewood Oaks A Cricketgoldrush
WS Pests Frenchfrost 2004 Just A Tari Boy WS Shortywillowfrost
WS Laci Kitfrost 2004 PC Ikewood Oaks Miss Foxy Kitty
  WS Snookys Frost 2005 PC Ikewood Oaks Shadow Kit Kat
  WS Sheza Survivor 2005 PC Ikewood Oaks WS Shortywillowfrost
  MS Sparki Tari 2005 Just A Tari Boy WS Shadow Dancer
  WS Frosty Puddin 2005 PC Ikewood Oaks Sabrina King Frost

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